How Putin Stays in Power
War Is Boring

*groan* yet more propaganda. “Russia’s economy is in deep trouble”; not really; Europe has been affected more. “its military fights unending wars in Syria and Ukraine”; there is a small contingent in Syria which is winning the war, hardly miring Russia’s military, and no one has yet been able to provide proof of the Russian military actually being in Ukraine. Even the OSCE confirmed the VAST majority of the ‘rebels’ are local Eastern Ukrainians. “and the Panama Papers revealed unbelievable levels of institutional corruption.”; oh yes the panama papers in which only a couple of Putin’s associates were mentioned and not even the man himself — hardly proves endemic corruption on the part of Putin. Fact is corruption in Russia is a problem but Putin hates it and prosecutes it whenever its bought to his attention because its stealing from the state, its inefficient and Russia cant be strong when people are stealing from it. He’s an old socialist at heart.

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