My Sinatra Project- A Gratitude Journal

A few years back I started keeping a gratitude journal. I had read research on how keeping a gratitude journal 3 times a week can strengthen your immune system and help create more positive emotions.

I decided that for the final project of our Sinatra section I would create a simple app that shows gratitude quotes and allows a user to utilize a simple UI to input daily gratitude entries.

The projects requirements are:

  • Build an MVC Sinatra Application.
  • Use ActiveRecord with Sinatra.
  • Use Multiple Models.
  • Use at least one has_many relationship.
  • Must have user accounts. The user that created a given piece of content should be the only person who can modify that content.
  • You should validate user input to ensure that bad data isn’t created.
  • Any validation failures must be shown to the user with an error message.

Below is a walkthrough of my app: