Friend to Relay for Life

I took my neighbor and friend Sam to one of the last meeting for relay. She sat and listened to how we had every game planed out and how we knew what time every thing was going to happen. Being in entertainment she saw we had to know a lot more then the other groups and do more. Most committees were done once the event started, we though were not. She was impressed with how we had enough games set up for the whole night, and how we had so many different games.

The last meeting our leader had us write a letter to anyone and tell them why were were doing Relay. She participated as well and found not only myself writing a lot but others and her as well. We were all there for a reason and just wanted to do what we could for the event.

Sam thought it was really cool how we worked as a group and everyone chipped in. Everyone had different games and offered to bring cakes for the cake walk. We didn't talk much about cancer other then the reason for why we were doing the event. Sam is think of helping out next year and joining the entertainment committee.