Facebook Growth By The Numbers

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Today, Facebook is a billion dollar business and it helps hundreds of millions of people communicate with their friends and family. But how did Facebook get so big?

The social network was founded in 2004 by Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook grew in users by focusing on universities. It started at Harvard University. In the first month of Facebook it had accumulated half of the undergraduate students at Harvard.

After its quick success, Facebook moved to other universities such as Stanford, Yale and Columbia. Then, it expanded to all the Ivy League colleges and the majority of US and Canadian Universities.

Users kept on climbing and so did the investment. With this investment, Facebook targeted high schools and the user numbers continued to climb.

In 2006, the social network was launched to anyone who was 13 years old and older and had an email address. After 2 years of existence, Facebook had attracted much media attention and millions of people wanted to sign up to Facebook. MySpace was becoming less and less popular, meanwhile, Facebook was booming.

Facebook continued to get more users. They introduced new features such as Pages, Groups and Newsfeeds. These features helped attracted different types of users. After targeting most of the demographics in America, Facebook expanded internationally. The positive media coverage from around the world made it very easy to get people to sign up to Facebook.

Have a look at the GIF infographic created by Nightlife Insight. It shows the impressive growth of Facebook. In 12 years, Facebook’s users, revenues and employees have climbed every year.

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