The Quarterblack Plight
Jeff Williams

You are right about one thing, this story is not about you. It is not about me either, because this article is complete fiction.

Hello all, I am the “white quarterback” referenced in this article.

My dad being chums with the QB coach? False. My camp being paid for? False. 9 tds to 3? False. Your GPA being better than mine? No basis for that argument.

Jeff, you can’t put out original content positioned as fact when it is complete conjecture. It’s irresponsible and leads to major misinformation in more immediate situations.

This article is pandering to a group of people that at the very least need to be correctly informed.

I appreciate your view of the quarterback competition, but I don’t appreciate the flat out lies. I wish you the best in your career, I just hope that your future success has nothing to do with this series, because thus far it is complete conjecture and, in some instances, flat out lies.

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