You. In 3 years. If you don’t listen to me.

How to Avoid Being a Grumpy Cat (In Business)

You’ve got an awesome idea for a business, but you don’t know where to start.

Hold on. Back up. Yes, before you start, back up.

Think about why you’re starting a business…

…and answer these questions:

- What are your personal CORE VALUES? Honesty, integrity, respect? Altruism, wisdom, patience? Drive, determination, resilience? Write them down. These never change.

- What are your personal LIFE goals? I’m talking friendships, family, financial, milestones, travel aspirations, academic degrees. Write them down. These may change as you grow.

- What will be (or are) your BUSINESS goals? Financial prosperity, lasting relationships, putting food on the table, community impact, sustainability. Write them down. These form the foundation for your starting point.

Got all that?

Now. Do they align? Are they in harmony? If not, press the reset button. Align them. They must fit together in a straight line ( or a triangle if you’re into shapes :-] ).

Without your core values and personal life goals, your business will turn into an unhappy grind.

*You’ll be miserable.*

Think about why you want to start a business and revisit those reasons WEEKLY. Don’t stray from your personal goals and core values.

Because being happy is the whole point.

(Okay, now you can start)

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