Kubernetes the hard way on bare metal/VMs — V1.12

An all encompassing series designed for beginners. From VM configuration to K8S cluster building.

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Setting up the resources

Configuring your VMs

VMs used in this tutorial.

Operating System



Some info you’ll need later

cat << EOF | sudo tee /etc/hosts k8s-lb k8s-controllers-lb controller-0 controller-1 controller-2 worker-0 worker-1 worker-2

Installing packages

mkdir ~/k8s-the-hard-way-bare-metal
cd ~/k8s-the-hard-way-bare-metal

Get kubectl

curl -LO https://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-release/release/v1.12.0/bin/linux/amd64/kubectl
chmod +x kubectl
sudo mv kubectl /usr/local/bin/

Setting up the Kubernetes Cluster

sudo apt install conntrack socat -y

Setting up cfssl & generating configs

Generate kubeconfigs and encryption key

Configuring controllers

Configuring the load balancer

Configuring the workers

Configure remote access

Configuring DNS

Testing the cluster


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