These things are happening because there is sin in this world, evil, Satan is alive and well and…

I often find myself in a place like many others on the internet. I feel so strongly about an issue that I paint myself so far in the other extreme to win those I deem “wrong.” In my blog, I aim to bridge that gap and point it towards Christ, and I’ll admit sometimes I fail. So let me say this. We agree on more than it seems. Sin is the problem, love is the solution (stern love to you, perhaps “straight up” to me), America needs fixing on the inside, and everybody needs Jesus.

The reason I say LOVE LOVE LOVE, is because that is only thing I think will work. The same sacrificial love that Christ showed on the cross, laying down himself: his blood, his life for the sake of his enemy, is the same love that I should show in my life to my wife, my children, and everyone I meet. That love is not: weakness, hippies, and kumbaya, it is sacrifice, struggle, and servant-hood. My love should make my wife, my children, and everyone I meet a better person.

I’m not sure what that love looks like on a national level. I simply believe that our first response to crisis should not be anger and fear. But rather mourning and courage. The leader of my parties presidential nomination, Donald Trump, thrives in anger and fear and advocates what would essentially boil down to becoming ISIS in order to defeat them (torture, killing of innocents the like). I half expect him to come out tomorrow and suggest we should recruit suicide bombers for the military.

I am so repulsed by him and his followers that I’m considering jumping ship and becoming an independent (not even Ted Cruz could win me back). But I’m hopeful, I’m hopeful for a party and a country that stands to lead and leads with strength. A party and a country that does not forget what makes us special, and that is our steadfast grasp upon love itself and a knowledge that it’s not about winning or being great, it’s about standing for what’s right.

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