The Truth No One Will Tell You About This Whole Bathroom Thing

I’m gonna let you in on a secret, a little fact if you will. It is something that is unpopular in my circles to say, something that garners ridicule from almost everyone, something that offends the religious and the godless, something that hasn’t been taught or really acknowledged in any major way: people are born with a tendency towards homosexuality, and that’s a problem.

Let me tell you something else. According to a Mic article I recently read: people are born with a tendency towards adultery (or polygamy). People are born with a tendency towards alcoholism. People are born with a tendency towards lust. The fact of the matter is people are born to do things that moral society would say is wrong. The Bible calls it original sin. For our purposes, I will call it the natural state.

The up and coming news website Mic, run solely by millennials (aka the future of America), has an entire section of their site devoted to identities. It focuses primarily on racial and gender identities and the news that surrounds them.

Please just take a second to consider that this issue is so important that an up and coming new media site makes it apart of their front page. It’s not a subset of culture…it is culture. An honest recognition of gender identity and it’s role in society is the next step in transforming our country and world.

Hollywood took a very intriguing step a few years back. Shows began to include gay couples and individuals into their shows. It started way back with Will and Grace, but it became rampant with shows like Modern Family and even more recently Scandal. The shift in entertainment was subtle but not unnoticed. Then on June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in all 50 States. Now Hollywood is going a step further, we now have shows like Amazon’s Transparent and movies like Dallas Buyer’s Club and The Danish Girl. Like it or not, the driving forces (media and entertainment) of our culture want recognition for this natural state of an untethered gender identity.

Gender identity is everywhere. The CEO’s of the world’s biggest companies talk about it and the kids on the school bus talk about it. Open your Facebook or Twitter feed and you’ll see it. Turn on the TV, it’s there. Skim the news, it’s there. Our nation is enamored with this issue and almost everyone has an opinion.

Now we come to this whole bathroom thing. The nation is watching this unfold. You know what they see? They see two sides: those who support transgender equality and those who do not. There is no gray area here. What you say defines you. You could be called a bigot or a champion for what’s right. You could be called a pervert or a fighter for equality.

Dad’s with daughters stand outside Target and ponder the safety of the bathrooms. Boycotts have arisen and lines have been drawn. The Bigots v. the Perverts. An age old battle, fought this time over comment threads and simple straw man arguments. Choose a side!

Let me tell you this, this isn’t about bathrooms. This isn’t about the safety of our daughters. This is about real people. Some have a moral belief that being transgender is an abomination. Those who “struggle” should turn from their ways and never look back. Some have a desire for equality and comfort for all people, despite their natural state. If you were born a certain way, shouldn’t you follow your true identity? How could anyone expect or ask any different?

As a Christian I will tell you, the Church has royally screwed this whole thing up. We have held up the law and have attached zero grace to it. We have become Pharisees in this regard and we need to repent to our culture and to God. Let me tell you, we have support groups for porn addicts, alcoholics, divorcees and the like. We accept them into our congregation and pour out grace upon them by the bushel. Yet, for the weirdos, for the homosexuals and transgenders we have, for the most part, shut the doors. We have told them, “Go find Jesus and come back when you’re fixed.”

The Church is made of broken people, people whose natural state doesn’t belong in any Church building let alone anywhere near God. We go through identity crises just like those in our culture. Yes, we have a moral compass and a strict set of guidelines, but we fail to follow them daily. The Church, which was once the center of culture, media, entertainment and the like, is made up of people who simply believed in a Creator and gave Him their identities in exchange for His.

If we were judged the same way we judge the culture, we’d be participating in everything we deem so vile and perverted. If we treated all people the same way we treat the LGBT community our buildings would be empty shells on Sunday morning. God extends His free gift of grace to all! ALL! Those with a natural state of lying, cheating, stealing, and searching for their true self can all find rest in His grace. If we refuse to act on and acknowledge this truth we will damn countless to Hell in the name of our comfort and security.