A film about your creative breakthrough

Adithya Addageethala, an urban design graduate with a passion for filmmaking will screen his first animated short, Sugar Cube at Toronto’s Harbour Front Centre today.

Throughout his four years in university he fed his artistic side choosing electives in fine arts and creative writing. After graduating from his program in 2010 he decided to buy a camera and began shooting when he wasn’t working.

However, his creative energy would soon seep into his corporate work as well. In 2012 he was working for a marketing campaign for a cell phone company where an animator had been hired to draw caricatures of customers using the touch screen of the phone. After picking the artist’s brain for half the shift, Addageethala began sketching on his break. Like the animator he used a stylist pen and a phone. The resulting sketch became the opening scene of Sugar Cube: A journey through a creative block.

Through the perspective of his main character, Addageethala explores the process of breaking through a creative block when the pressure of a deadline is looming. The film utilizes work from several different artists, each showcasing their process leading up to a creative breakthrough.

While the film does explore the topic from an artist’s point of view, he hopes that anyone can relate.

“I wanted anyone to associate with it,” Addageethala explained. “Whether you’re writing a math assignment or studying for art history, it’s a universal process.”

The film originally premiered in Hollywood and has played at six film festivals so far.

The show at the Harbourfront Centre will begin at 7:30. Tickets can be purchased at the link bellow.