Lost Girl is Cool and Parallels Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I recently binged 4.5 seasons of Lost Girl over the course of a couple weeks. I had been meaning to watch it for a while because it seemed silly and fun and geeky from what I’d seen online. I now await the second half of season 5, which debuts this fall and will conclude the series forever. ☹ Lost Girl was super cool, minus the often forgettable incidental music and theme song that doesn’t stand up to those of similarish shows (Buffy, Orphan Black, Doctor Who, etc). You know, the important stuff.

Lost Girl is a lot like Buffy. It’s a bit cheesier and the dialogue isn’t as sharp, but it’s much more sex-positive. Not that Buffy really concerned itself too much with that, but Lost Girl has no choice but to confront the issue seeing as the main character is a Succubus and gets her energy / healing from sex. At first I thought I would be grossed out or feel like I was watching porn, like the first season of Game of Thrones all over again. But it was done in a way that it felt natural and didn’t offend my poor, prudish sensibilities.

One thing that kept amazing me was how certain shots or scenes felt ripped outta the Buffy Opening Titles. Like whenever Bo posed with a weapon

I had flashbacks to Buffy posing with a weapon. Both shows also deal with supernatural monsters. It’s like they were separated at birth. The characters even seem to parallel Buffy’s Scooby Gang. A quick search on Google or Twitter shows other people have similarly drawn these comparisons, but I wanted to do my own.

  • Bo is the main character and definitely the Buffy. Both are snarky empowered female leads just desperate to find their place.
  • Trick is her mentor / teacher-like figure and also old, so hello Giles!
  • Dyson is Angel. He always loves Buffy, I mean Bo, but things happen that keep them apart and basically he’s her first love. Also, they’re both strong. Dyson could maybe be Riley too?
  • Kenzi is Dawn. This is one people argue about online but I say Dawn. Dawn was the “heart” of the group as is Kenzi. Kenz is also basically Bo’s little sister.
  • Lauren is Willow because that’s Buffy’s BFF and Lauren is Bo’s favorite person to have sex with and be in love with. For whatever reason, ugh, we all know she should be with Tamsin whatevs. #valkubus
  • Tamsin is Spike. SO SPIKE. I’ve seen her compared to Cordelia but as of season 5 it’s so clear she’s Spike. She thinks she’s a monster, she’s angsty, feels not good enough for Bo, and basically is friend-zoned (despite this word being awful and never something we should use ahhhh). For lack of a better word. And I think she will end up dying for Bo in the end.
  • Vex is a tough one, but I think he’s Anya. They’re both sarcastic, jerks, magical, and for a while he loses his power the way she lost hers. They have no filter and like sex! Add that too!
  • Finally, Hale is Xander. Just like, a cooler version because Xander is BFFs with Buffy and Hale is BFFs with Dyson… and Xander goes for Dawn in the end like Hale went for Kenzi

So, in conclusion, Lost Girl is like Buffy and both are awesome shows. And I’m in 5th grade.

Originally published at www.awkwardmeow.com on March 4, 2015.