‘New Girl’ Is 6 Years Old — What Does Season 7 Have In Store?

Originally published at creators.co on September 20, 2017.

September 20 marks the 6-year anniversary of the premiere of Fox’s television show, New Girl. Starring Zooey Deschanel as the adorkable Jessica Day, New Girl has been a staple of Fox’s Tuesday night comedy block for over half a decade and fans may be looking at the schedule and wondering where it wandered off. Fear not, New Girl is not cancelled — yet. One could say it has been pre-cancelled. New episodes for Season 7 will return in early 2018, but after a shortened, 8-episode season, the curtain closes on this goofy group of friends for the final time.

Max Greenfield as Schmidt. ‘New Girl’ [Credit: Fox]

Yes, sadly it’s almost time for our favorite loft-mates to head to that giant loft in the sky where the friends will share stories at a coffee shop, take a low-paying office job at a paper company, stop by a bar after work for some cheers, and find themselves in a hospital surrounded by snarky doctors in scrubs. At least, until NBC, ABC, or Netflix comes calling and pulls them back again for televised adventures.

It’s all about money, really. ‘New Girl’ [Credit: Fox]

The More Things Change…

Over the past six years New Girl has evolved from a show centered on how awkward Zooey’s Jess can be as she bumbles through life to something bigger. It quickly settled into an ensemble piece that featured her three man-child roommates and her best friend becoming a family. They produce some cringe-worthy debacles, romantic mishaps, absurdly complicated drinking games, and formative moments that show “coming of age” stories sometimes last well into your 30s.

Jake Johnson and Megan Fox as Nick and Reagan. ‘New Girl’ [Credit: Fox]

See, even as our heroes’ dreams start to come true and their lives advance, they’re still making bad decisions and we’re just not ready to say goodbye to these reminders that growing up can be overrated.

Hannah Simone and Zooey Deschanel as Cece and Jess. ‘New Girl’ [Credit: Fox]

What We Know About Season 7

Season 7 is expected to have a time jump — 3 years into the future! If this approach sounds familiar, it’s probably because Parks and Recreation utilized this trope for its fantastic final season in 2015. This means we will skip over [Spoilers forthcoming if you haven’t caught up!] Nick and Jess’s reunion, Winston and Aly’s engagement, and Schmece’s pregnancy, a situation which is never particularly exciting on TV.

‘New Girl’ [Credit: Fox]

However, this leaves MANY questions unanswered. For example, will we get flashbacks that show us important moments we missed? Unless Winston and Aly are engaged for a very long time, it would be a travesty to miss out on a wedding planned by your girl, Winnie The Bish!

Will Jess and Nick already be married or, dare I say it, broken up AGAIN?

‘New Girl’ [Credit: FOX]

Will The Pepperwood Chronicles be a major film franchise written by AND starring Nick Miller?

‘New Girl’ [Credit: Fox]

Heck, Schmidt and Cece may even have multiple children.

‘New Girl’ [Credit: Fox]

We can hardly wait for season 7 to answer these questions before the loft is vacated. 2018 seems so far away.

What are some of your favorite memories from the past 6 years of New Girl?

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