‘Stranger Things’: 5 Reasons To Get Hyped For Season 2

Originally published at creators.co on September 20, 2017. (RIP Creators.co)

October 27 is going to be a dark day and and even darker night. #StrangerThings, 2016’s surprise smash-hit is returning to Netflix with nine episodes — that’s one additional episode from season 1! We can credit the perfect blend of science-fiction and 1980s aesthetic in conjunction with an incredible cast of believable young actors for making Stranger Things a phenomenon. Stranger Things further blurs the lines between film and television, a la Westworld or Game of Thrones, with cinematography and production akin to mini films for each episode. With just over a month to go, here are 5 things to look forward to when the next 9 episodes unravel.

1. Eleven Is Back

While her (not-so) surprising return felt like a foregone conclusion, the season 2 trailer shows us our first glimpse of El (Millie Bobby Brown) stepping through a portal. Did she end up back in the Upside Down? Is she coming back or is she heading to another dimension? We’ve yet to see any scenes of her alongside Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and his pals, but when they do reunite it’s sure to be an emotional moment. Hopper (David Harbour) will be quite happy to see her as well, as it cannot be cheap to keep hiding Eggos in the woods.

Ohh, they have Netflix in here! ‘Stranger Things’ [Credit: Netflix]

2. Will Byers Gets Dimensions

Will (Noah Schnapp) spent most of season 1 trapped in the alternate dimension, The Upside Down. We don’t know much about him other than he likes D&D, has a bowl cut, and enjoys his brother Jonathan’s music. Like an onion, all good characters have layers and now the Duffer Brothers have an opportunity to add layers to Will. At the end of season 1 he coughed up some sort of slug leftover from his “almost eaten by a Demogorgon” experience. He had a weird flash where it seemed like he was back in the Upside Down. Is Will becoming a monster? Could he be some key to transportation between The Upside Down and Earth-Prime? It may have been possible at first that this was all some form of PTSD but the trailer’s scenes of him fluctuating between dimensions suggests Will is gonna be in need of some very special help.

Will in the Arcade. ‘Stranger Things’ [Credit: Netflix]

3. Nancy’s Got a A Gun

Speaking of help, Nancy Wheeler’s got you covered. Over the course of season 1 Nancy’s arc saw her evolve from oppressed academic to typical teenage rebel and finally straight to the front lines as a self-assured, natural leader. While there were some casualties along the way (RIP Barb), in the end she proved a loving sister to her brother and a vital part of the monster combat team. Perhaps that will be what brings her and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) together once more. It was hinted at during the season 1 finale that, despite getting back together with Steve (Joe Keery), Nancy still has feelings for Jonathan. Steve may have been her first, but a voyeur is forever. Wait, no, that was not a good argument in their favor….

She’s come a long way from the Hannah Montana Movie. ‘Stranger Things’ [Credit: Netflix]

4. Spooky Monsters

The Demogorgon from season 1 (officially known as “The Monster”) resembled a Slender Man / Venus flytrap hybrid. It became responsible for countless nightmares across the planet. Naturally, Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers felt a need to top that and it looks like the new creature will have many legs on which to stand. The season 2 poster appears to show an enormous tarantula-like monster ominously in the clouds. They’ve also confirmed this monster to be the “Big Bad” for the season. Will it actually be gigantic? Will there be multiple? We’ve got to step up the threat this time and spiders lay a ton of eggs. Considering so many people are already afraid of spiders, a swarm of spider creatures skittering around town would make life for people in Hawkins (and arachnophobes watching at home) Hell! Sounds fun.

Hope you’re not prone to arachnophobia. ‘Stranger Things’ [Credit: Netflix]

5. Arcade Time

One of the highlights of Stranger Things has been the interactions and repartee of Mike, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Will. Their walkie-talkie conversations, bike rides, and D&D competitions felt incredibly authentic. The trailer shows them dressed as Ghostbusters for Halloween and leveling-up from tabletop games to the Arcade. Now that Will is back we will have to see how that alters the dynamic of the friend group. However, there is a 5th player joining the team. Her name is Max (Sadie Sink), and she’s a tomboy. The first episode of the season, titled MadMax, will introduce her as a video-game whiz / skateboarder that some members of the group want to initiate. After losing El, it seems probable Mike will be hesitant about bringing another girl into the group.

Bustin’ makes ’em feel good! ‘Stranger Things’ [Credit: Netflix]

That’s it. This list was limited to 5 things because it could have easily been 55 and nobody has time for that.

How excited are you for Stranger Things 2? What are your theories or hopes? Let us know in the comments!