Unuseful Visualization Of Facebook Page Posts, Likes And Comments With Gephi

Ok. First of all. I’m not an expert about this. So… the following information is a as I go with it kinda thing or tutorial even? In this article I’m trying to get more insights on my personal Facebook Page of my Record Label Orbis Records. Shout out to you who commented, liked or, even better, bought a vinyl or digital record.

Here goes nothing. Let’s dive in, shall we?

I’m really found of the concept of using social media data to get insights in customer behavior. First of all, it’s very hard to do so. Second, the behavior people expect to get out of it, isn’t the behavior you’re probably looking for. The data doesn’t answer the why, it never does, it only shows the what and the how. (more on this? check out Simon Sinek, I’m a fan!).

Record Label Running Partially On Data

Not sure if this is way of working used by indie labels such as the one I’m trying to run. I’m trying to run mine an a healthy dose of music taste, combined with the data I can find. Paid data as well. Since a year now, my publisher Max, provides the sublabels with the possibility to get insights from streaming, digital and vinyl sales. Thank god! It gives more insights on what EP’s are doing well. Which ones were a mistake.

The good part? Seems like the mistakes are yet to be made. Touching wood here :)

Anyhow, … data helps to steer but the music is far the most important factor combined with a good portion of networking. Like any other business.

Gephi & Scraping YOUR Facebook Data

Gephi is a software, it’s free, to visualize networks. I’m not familiar with it (yet), working on that. It’s fascinating, I have to admit. Running through data, visualizing to detect unseen potential. The search. The hustle to clean data… I like it :)

So.. the first thing I need is data. And I found this: the Netvizz plugin straight as a app on Facebook.

It’s an app that scrapes and captures the data from Facebook where you have access to. So… YOUR network. Not others. Very important to make that clear in this article.

In this example, I’ve used the page data option. Haven’t tried the other ones yet. Keen to do so, real soon :)

A click on the link, filling in the details (ID of your page can be found with this tool) and the plugin starts scraping & collecting:

El posts / updates from the page

El details: comments and likes


And then you’ll get this in a zip file:

The .GDF file is the Gephi file you’ll need.

Visualizing Facebook Page Data

So… you get something like this. Users & posts all in one image.

The annoying thing of the Netvizz plugin (2.5) is that I don’t know what user ID is tied to a which user/liker of my page. So… can’t do much with this visualization.

I managed to color based on post type (text, video, image, …) but I found it not useful. Visualization is cool and it looks nice, but actually, most visualizations aren’t that useful at all. I’d rather mine the data first and then visualize if still needed. Mostly for presentations. That’s it.

Originally published at driesbultynck.com.

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