Lome Roots — The Beginning

Follow along as we raise the veil on the juicy details of our startup journey, where we will launch a company and two products from scratch. Lome Roots will be launched in less than 20 days and attempt to grow a real business. Once our holistic line has launched I will be planning on beverage line

The Idea: Our idea is authentic West African eCommerce that will have combination of Holistic line (Lome Roots) and Beverage line (Gno Nam Beme). Yes, that’s right, two things that normally don’t go together, just like businesses and transparency. I like ____ as our business idea because it is:

  • Niche: It is a category not currently owned by any major brand or company.
  • Fun — Besides the products that will be selling on Bylome, I love the fact that I am able to combine my love for serving and wanting to help them with healthier alternatives. It truly
  • Challenge — I absolutely enjoy a good challenge. God knows it’s been a journey planning and really


Speaking of challenges, my biggest one has been finding a team. It is absolutely tough, to form a team on NO PAY. I feel blessed enough to have a few friends that have been able to help with feedback and giving me the support that I need to keep pushing. I truly do not blame any of these talented individuals. I have my work cut out for me but I say I am excited to see where this will take us. It’s all about risks, GET YOU SOME!

Originally published at LOMÉ.

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