DripApp: the app aiming to revolutionize London’s coffee industry, one espresso drip at a time.

The British Coffee Association concluded in a recent report that approximately 70 million cups of coffee are drunk each day in the UK, and the latest insight from a survey conducted by Kantar Media found that 800,000 British adults visit a coffee shop at least four times per week. With the UK representing over 35% of the European coffee market, it should come as no surprise that over the last few years small businesses have taken advantage of the industry’s potential, opening hundreds (if not thousands) of new artisan coffee shops across inner London.

Despite 15 years of expansion, Britain’s coffee shop sector remains one of the most successful in the UK economy and is likely to continue to grow. But how are these coffee shops able to compete against such coffee giants as Costa and Starbucks? The answer is “quite well”.

The growth of these artisan locations lies in quality; London coffee shop lovers tend to enjoy the finer things in life. They are also more likely to enjoy eating and drinking in places in which they consider to be trendy; a large benefit of independent coffee shops is their ability to pick up on their consumers’ interests and hobbies far better than large coffee chains (just check out Velorution in Fitzrovia — half coffee shop, half bicycle shop). Further adding to their trendiness, these independent spots are at the forefront of coffee innovation, from drinks to packaging to snacks.

It is this shared love for trendy, ethical, and quality coffee shops that led us to create DripApp. We aim to revolutionize the way you find and purchase your coffee in London by uncovering independent coffee shops around your location, helping you save cash along the way.

By downloading DripApp, customers will be able to purchase prepaid coffee plans by selecting from either a fixed amount of drinks (5,10,20…) or subscribe to a monthly unlimited subscription. In addition to cheaper, faster coffee purchases, the customers will also be introduced to hundreds of great artisan coffee shops across London, as more and more establishments are added to the platform every day. For less than £3 daily, you’ll get unlimited coffee in all of the app’s partner stores and growing community. So from now on, going to independent coffee shops in your area will be more advantageous (read: faster/cheaper) than big chains.

The simplicity and creativity of the application are what aims to drive addictive use by its users. Paying for coffee has never been easier — no more fumbling through a change in your pocket, or annoying £5.00 charges to your credit card for that essential morning espresso. Just tap your order, hand your phone across the counter for the barista to punch in a 4-digit code, and you’re ready to go. Simple as.

Better quality coffee, at lower prices, from local independent coffee shops — this is DripApp’s ethos. Keeping these values in mind, we have decided to start the application’s operations in Shoreditch and Fitzrovia, the trendiest coffee hubs in London at the moment. We’ve been successful in attracting over 40 coffee shop partners to date, adding more and every day. We believe that there is much more to a coffee shop than the recognizable names of big chains. With the help of DripApp, we want our users to uncover a world of delicious coffee and unique customer experiences that they otherwise may have overlooked.

“Everybody deserves to discover a quality coffee shop nearby, and we are working on this mission, every day”, says Ruben. “There are so many great alternatives to large chains out there, and they are serving great coffee in a unique ambiance. We want to help these coffee shops get the traction they deserve and spread the love for good coffee along the way”.
DripApp is available for free on the AppStore, and users can enjoy a free first drink using the promo code: FREEDRINK

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