DripApp S15 Playlist

The switch to indie coffee shops is not just about artisan beverages and foods; it’s about experiencing coffee culture at its best. Stellar service, delicious products, and stimulating environments await you. It’s about finding your home away from home, so you can work, chat, or just relax somewhere where you know you will be treated with care.

At DripApp, we care about creating a community around all of our partner cafes and coffee shops. As such, we are thrilled to present our first Coffee Shop Playlist.

We asked the baristas and managers of our partner locations across the city to recommend a song that captures the atmosphere of their cafe, and the result is this wonderful collection. After all, what goes together better than good coffee and nice music?

This eclectic mix is guaranteed to keep you dancing, whether it be through your speakers at home or your headphones on your daily commute. Repost, like, and share if you enjoyed it (our team surely did)!

We would like to thank all of our partner cafes that participated in making this mix (hopefully the first of many to come!).

Enjoy listening, and don’t forget: life is short; don’t be afraid to dance a little.


The DripApp Team


@dripapp : instagram/twitter/soundcloud

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