Brutally Honest Email Templates For Fundraising Your Pre-Launch Start Up

We hope you find these helpful.

F&F Round

Dear Person Who Spent 30 Years Climbing The Corporate Ladder,

Please blindly give me, someone in their twenties who just did her own taxes for the first time, a large chunk of cash. I will use this cash to create something you don’t actually understand. Trust me though, it’s going to be the next big thing.

There’s no real way for me to convince you that you won’t lose a 100% of this money. But I sure will try.


Your Daughter/Cousin/Niece/Friend From High School

Angel Round

Hey Rich Person I Barely Know Or Don’t Know At All,

I am the CEO of a company that primarily exists only in my mind… but it’s going to change the world. Please give me a larger amount of money. I will use this money to make you even more money that you don’t really need.

The 100 people in our pilot test LOVED our product, and only 58 of them were people my co-founder and I knew personally!

Look, you have a very small chance to get some cool bragging rights, like the guy in your exclusive wine club who was an early investor in Airbnb.

Let’s chat!


Still Staying Positive Founder

Seed Round

Thanks for the connection “Blah and Blah who I met at a networking event”, moving you over to BCC to spare your inbox.

Hi VC Who Invests In Companies That Make Money The Same Way My Company Makes Money,

I’m going to try as hard as I can to get you to meet me in person without giving you my full pitch or pitch deck, but also giving you just enough to get you excited.

I know that in order to get your face to see my face, I will have to avoid any trigger words that remind you of investments gone sour.

There’s no way for me to give you the traction you want, because if I had it I wouldn’t be emailing you.

Please. Please. Please. Let me see the inside of your office.



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