Fix, Update and Manage Windows Drivers for Free

What is a Driver?

We can rarely give a precise definition of the driver since it can’t be touched and seen. In the most fundamental sense, a driver is a kind of software that lets the hardware device communicate with your computer.

The following demonstration might help you to understand the driver role better: Suppose an application needs to read some data from a device then the application calls the operating system, and the operating system calls the driver to communicate with its device to get data. After the driver gets the data from the device, it returns the data to the operating system, then operating system send the data to the application.

Why You Need Driver Update and Managing Software?

Since Microsoft is striving to make things easier, Windows made the plug and play feature a big hit. For most common hardware devices, users are able to just plug in the new devices and use them without having to configure the settings by own. This is reflected on Windows 7 well and better on Windows 8.

However, there are still many drivers that need to be installed manually. Even if some devices came with built-in drivers, you need to keep the drivers up to date to ensure computer good performance.

How to Install and Update Drivers with One Click?

Maybe most of us would go to manufacture’s website in the first mind to get the drivers, then download, unzip, install drivers manually. But today I will introduce you a better and free way to complete this complicated operation. What you need is just a free and safe driver update tool called DriveTheLife.

DriveTheLife is a simple free tool which will check for your computer’s drivers and alert you to any updates and install them on demand. You don’t need to refer to, download and install the drivers by yourself.

Plus, DriveTheLife offers to backup, restore and uninstall drivers as necessary for free. It is very simple to operate even for a tech idiot. Download it for free from official site if needed.

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