By: Wayne Pichotta

Hackathons are a powerful tool to accelerate innovation by requiring usable and useful code in just a matter of days, these events prioritize substantive progress over lofty perfection. We’ve hosted several of these Hackathons internally at Truecar in the past few years, with a surprising number of…

By: Scott Chiang

In this blog post, I will go over how we overcame performance issues on a production Elasticsearch cluster that powers TrueCar’s core business.

Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash

TrueCar is a digital automotive marketplace that makes the car buying process simple, fair, and fun. We offer millions of vehicles for car shoppers…

By: Artem Shugayev

Photo by Paul Carmona on Unsplash

Several years have passed since I last debugged MapReduce jobs running on a remote big data stack instead of my local machine. Much has changed since then, but the stack and its design remain pretty much the same. I’m still following the same steps to configure the…

By: Kate Seldman

When I landed the role of Product Writer at TrueCar, I’d held several other positions that focused on capturing a brand’s voice and engaging with its audience. …

By: Joshua Go

Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

The story is familiar to any young company fortunate enough to survive and thrive beyond its early years: build fast, find a way to get things done, and jump on opportunities before the market moves on.

This mode of operating works for years, until it doesn’t. And…

By: Regis Wilson


Webpack can be used to bundle assets for websites so that browsers can load resources at runtime to display data. There are many things that Webpack can do for you, including the following:

  • Loaders can transform, compile, transpile, minify, uglify, and compress static assets.
  • Plugins can do…

By: Regis Wilson


A common pattern for serving static content using Amazon Web Services (AWS) is to use CloudFront to deliver content from Simple Storage Service (S3). This pattern is quick and convenient for getting static assets published and viewed on the internet. …

By: Regis Wilson

At TrueCar, we spend a lot of time making sure our pages look attractive and display information cleanly and clearly. Most of our engineering time is spent making sure our web pages have the most useful content available, look great and are intuitive to use. We have…

By: Jesse Mandel

While “build your existing datacenter in the cloud” shouldn’t ever be your long-term solution, sometimes there are reasons to lift and shift.

By: Noah Matisoff

The benefits of functional programming have become well-known and battle-tested, especially in recent years, and are being adopted in languages that aren’t touted as functional programming languages.

Specifically, in Ruby, there have been many great articles and talks on how to adopt functional style, and even how…

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