Do they really want to learn?

The phone rings…

(Ring, Ring)

Someone is enquiring about lessons, and you give them your well-rehearsed sales-pitch, they book a lesson, then they cancel the lesson, they book another lesson, they aren’t there when you turn up, they book another lesson …..

How long do you let this go on for?

How do you avoid it happening in the first place?

From the outset, you must be in control. In your initial telephone conversation, whilst ensuring you provide a good service, make it clear that you are the professional and if possible you will try and find a space for them to begin their driver training. Even if you have an empty diary, firstly ask what are the best times and dates that suit them and then offer two or three options. Never say things such as “I’m free all week, you choose when”.

Give all your new pupils your cancellation policy in writing — even if this is an email. At the end of your terms and conditions have a point such as “by taking lessons you are accepting these terms and conditions”

Enforce your cancellation policy. If you lose the pupil because you charged them for a cancelled/missed lesson they are no great loss. The kind of pupil that would mess around like that is more trouble than they are worth.

Use the cancellation time to enjoy time with your family or whatever makes you happy.

Do they really want to learn?

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