Refer A Friend

All businesses will tell you that the best form of marketing is word of mouth. Getting a recommendation from a friend or relative is as close to a guaranteed new customer as you can get. These referrals are passed on between people who trust each other, there is no sales pitch and no competition during the conversation. It is vital, therefore, that we maximise the referral opportunity.

There are numerous ways this can be done. I have listed a few ranging from least to most effective.

Free gifts — there are numerous firms offering to produce pens, key rings, mugs etc with your logo on. You can give these to your pupils as a gift once they have passed. This will help spread your name and hopefully spark a conversation. Be aware however, that they could end up in the back of a cupboard or even the bin.

Post test successes on your Facebook© page and tag the pupils in — Ensure you have taken a photograph that includes both your pupil and your car with the name of your school prominent. Encourage your pupils to write a review.

Hand out business cards — Give your pupil a business card and simply ask them to tell their friends about you. Whilst this isn’t greatly proactive, it does yield some success and at very little cost.

Offer free lessons — A friend referral scheme is a great way to encourage the word to spread. If a pupil refers a friend to your school, then you can offer the pupil, the friend or both a free lesson once they have had 5/10 lesson. Obviously, how you decide to offer this is entirely up to you.

Your imagination is the only thing limiting you as to how you can get referrals.

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