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This is a great read. Although it’s really nice to sit on the couch to watch the game, one of the main reasons I like going to the stadium is to watch the secondary work, specifically the safeties. Maybe because I’m a Skins fan and remember Sean Taylor (RIP) would play 30 yards off the LOS, and bate QBs to throw it to the other side of the field. He had such remarkable closing speed, athleticism and smarts. The DC at the time, Gregg Williams, trusted Sean with his speed and to essentially play centerfield, which made it awesome to watch in person. It just to shows you that football is a huge chess game, not just between QB’s and MLBs/Def Coordinators but everyone.

When the average football fan sees a WR beat the Corner (as a skins fan, this was common too with our weak secondary the past few years), fans would say the corner got beat, when in reality it was the safety not covering the zone/getting there in time because the television just shows the CB in trail position. Thankfully to All-22, people can see the whole picture. I love football for the hitting and playmaking ability, but honestly, it’s the chess playing and strategy that is fun to watch.

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