6 new vids on the channel!

On my youtube channel (https://youtube.com/user/Droidology), I have received over 1200 views and have just uploaded 3 videos in the last week after having been quiet for a few weeks.

I just wanted to say how hard it is to upload daily videos and this is why so many youtubers upload weekly or even monthly.

The type of content I create demands quality and demands my time and effort. I am also not a full-time Youtuber so it is much harder for me to do weekly videos.

I have found that livestreaming videos on youtube is so much easier because people can see them even after the stream and I don’t have to spend hours uploading a video because it is being uploaded right in front of your eyes when you are watching it.

Some of the live streams, however, were cancelled when I decided not to put passwords in while I was streaming, so that was a few vids wasted. But still, I am slowly building up my subscriber base.

59 subscribers and counting!

I am excited for the future in my YouTube career, being able to get microphones, headsets, and many more games.

But as always, school comes first, and I have plans for my schoolwork to improve.

Please go to my website at http://allianceofdroids.org.au/droidologygaming to see all my social media feeds, my blog, and some other cool stuff.

Subscribe to me on Medium at http://medium.com/@Droidologuy


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