Philly Drone Tech: Episode 12 for 5/14/2015

On this episode: the FAA is working much quicker to allow for more drone uses. News stations can now air footage acquired by citizen journalists, and use allowing for beyond an operator’s line of sight is being considered. The FAA and another company are both working on real-time smartphone apps to show you fly zones and flight restrictions based on your current location. A drone was used to capture footage of the earthquake devastation in Nepal. I end the show talking about a soon to be released consumer autonomous drone called “Lily,” that could be a game changer next year.

FAA considers allowing for Beyond Line of Sight operations (BVLOS):

News stations are allowed to air footage from citizen journalists, but no professional drone news gathering:

FAA Smartphone App BFUFLY:

AirMap Sky Atlas Map for drones:

Stunning drone footage of Nepal earthquake devastation:

Meet “Lily,” a consumer autonomous drone set for release early 2016:

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