Keeping our culture strong: Diversity matters to Rodrigo Gomez Avila

Keeping our culture strong

When it comes to working together, we believe our differences only make us stronger. We talked to a handful of Dropboxers in different roles about how they think our workplace culture, particularly our focus on diversity, has led them and their teams to success as they help us help the world work better.

As an Android Software Engineer, Rodrigo Gomez Avila wants to make work easier for every Dropbox user. Like many of his fellow employees, he feels that creating a product that functions for so many different people across the world requires teams that are equally diverse. Leading the Seattle LatinX ERG group for two years has helped him develop a strong sense of what that inclusion can mean to the next generation.

“There’s a lot of talent out there that is diverse, and they might feel that they don’t belong in a non-diverse workplace. Especially as a Hispanic person, I think it’s very important to me that the next generation understands that they can also be software engineers, and that they know that there are some Latinos out there working at big companies. That’s one of my dreams, that Latino youth can look at these companies and say, ‘yeah, I can see myself there.’”

Rodrigo came to Dropbox from another major tech company, where he worked for several years. This background has given him a special perspective on the distinguishing factors that Dropbox offers, and keeps him invested in helping to improve and maintain the company culture he values so much.

“I think that the biggest asset that Dropbox has a company for attracting talent is its culture. There are a lot of IT and tech companies in San Francisco and Seattle, and they can provide many things that Dropbox can’t. But the thing that makes Dropbox unique, other than the amazing food, is the culture. It’s very hard for me to explain it. I think a lot of companies praise themselves on how good their culture is, but Dropbox’s culture is truly unique. You want the people to be not only your coworkers, but also your friends. That kind of lubricates the entire work interaction. You come in every day and work with people you’d like to be friends with; that reduces politics, that reduces just trying to show off, because everyone is working as a group of friends instead of as coworkers.”

Rodrigo believes that, while some of the work his team does at Dropbox might not always be immediately visible in a huge way, every little improvement does contribute to helping the world to work better. He’s especially passionate about helping those who might not have access to endless resources to accomplish their objectives.

“When you think about the work that is done throughout the world, not just with big companies but with small companies and non-profits, they are very resource-constrained. So if you can reduce the cost for non-profits and volunteer organizations to do their work, even if it’s just a fraction of what they pay for something like IT, then you’re helping them a lot. Then they can focus that extra money on helping people or achieving their goal.”

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