Lessen those distances: Genevieve Sheehan builds user experience

Dec 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Building a great user experience requires great minds. We’ve spoken to eight Dropboxers who are working to make the world work better. By sharing what these leaders are up to in their daily routines, we hope to highlight the values that grow our culture.

As the director of product for Dropbox’s cloud file system, Genevieve Sheehan’s central goal is to make sure Dropbox is the organized home for a team’s work. To accomplish that, her focus lies on how people can productively work together on content — and has been since her first day on the job.

“I’ve worked on a variety of different projects during my time at Dropbox. I started out with product experience for the basic users — figuring out ways to help them understand Dropbox and get the most out of it. I moved to business products from there, building the tools to help folks be productive in the workplace. That’s what I’m still focused on to this day, but I no longer do it by myself — I have a team.

I’ve been at Dropbox for four and a half years. I joined because there were more things to do than we had people — that was compelling for me because it created this sense of unbounded potential. Anything I could do would be high-impact and make a difference to Dropbox. That was exciting.”

Genevieve’s recognized that the open growth of the company gave her an opportunity to unleash her creative energy. There wasn’t a place for busy work, but there were plenty of places to show results.

For Genevieve, “making a difference” meant focusing on the end user. This was where she decided to turn her attention — to goals that benefitted the customer.

“Dropbox is very anchored on being customer-centric. A lot of focus is placed on choosing goals that are good for the customers. We’re encouraged to deliver value, to listen to multiple peoples’ viewpoints in order to find the right answer, and to make the decision to move forward together.

That’s what I love about being here; it’s the smart way to work. I think that the world works better when we lessen the distance between people and lessen the complexity of what they need to work together. Work should be challenging, but it shouldn’t be hard. We focus our efforts on making something simple to use, even if you’re using it for complex things. Creating a product that behaves the way it’s supposed to work. That’s what I’m working on.”

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