Nathalie True on growing up in the big melting pot of Brazil

Nathalie True

This year, our employee resource group Latinx@ changed “Hispanic Heritage Month” to “Latinx Heritage Month” to recognize the intersectional experience of being Latinx. So, for Latinx Heritage Month this year, we chose the theme “Mejor Juntos/ Better Together” to celebrate and uplift all Latinx communities: Black, Indigenous, Undocumented, Immigrant, LGBTQ+, Women, and more. We encourage you to acknowledge the salient contributions and beauty that Latinx and Immigrant communities bring to this country. Our intersectional identities are what make us better together. During the month, we’ll be asking members of Latinx@ what the theme means to them.

Q: What is your name, what office do you work out of, and how long have you been at Dropbox?

A: My name is Nathalie True. I have been a part of Dropbox in the Austin office since June 2017.

Q: What’s your current role in helping make the world work better?

A: I am an enterprise territory manager. I help companies in the Brazilian market to understand their collaboration needs, so that they can work better as a team.

Q: In your time at Dropbox, what’s something you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of?

A: I was one of the five finalists for the first Top Banana Award

. I am particularly proud of this because it is an award that celebrates the company’s culture, which I love and am so glad to be recognized as a part of. This happened late Q2 2019, and I was proud to represent my team, the Sales Org in ATX, as a model of resilience.

In Santa Barbara, CA

Q: What does this year’s theme, “Mejor Juntos/ Better Together,” mean to you?

A: My father is American, and my mother is Brazilian, so naturally I am a fan of mixes. I grew up in Brazil, a huge melting pot where a great majority of the people I related with do not see color, race, or gender diversity as something unusual — it is just the natural state of the nation, and it’s beautiful. To be completely honest, I was quite ignorant about a lot of the challenges the Latin community faces in the United States prior to moving here in 2014. I was surprised that we could get so far in certain aspects, but still have so many obstacles to overcome. We’re so much stronger when we have allies to be our voice where we can’t typically be heard. So, to me, “Mejor Juntos” means everything. As we would say in Brazil: “A união faz a força.”

At a Brazilian party named “Patropi” (short for “País tropical,” which is a song by Jorge Ben Jor about the wonders of Brazil)

Q: What topics do you feel are top of mind for you and the Latinx community?

A: Inclusion and diversity in the workspace have been top of mind since I joined LatinX@ at Dropbox. We aim to provide the community with opportunities to pursue their goals within the tech industry in order to maintain that.

Immigration has also been a topic much discussed recently, as we continue to see the struggle that some people face trying to provide a better life for their loved ones. This is a topic that has a lot of moving parts and entails some serious research.

I also recently joined a Latinas in Tech group in Brazil, where female leaders of the tech industry discuss taboo topics such as bias, sexism, and the reality of the market in terms of salary, promotions, and leadership positions.

With Mr. Joben Jones True, her pit mix rescue

Q: What are you most excited for this year’s LatinX Heritage Month at Dropbox?

A: Apart from Family Night (which is always a hit!), we are hosting a Professional Speaker Series for University of Texas students who are enrolled in the Portuguese Flagship program. The team and I will have the opportunity to speak to young professionals about the importance the Portuguese language has had in our career advancements. Only two universities in the country were selected to receive this grant, which enables the university to offer its students the opportunity to learn Portuguese through classes and an internship program in Brazil, all fully paid for. We are super excited to spread the love for our language and our nation by bringing these students real life examples of what they can look forward to!


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