No matter where we work: Angella and Lyndsey talk about the family vibes of our Seattle office

Sep 18 · 4 min read

At Dropbox Seattle, family vibes are everything. Many of our Seattle team members have partners and kids at home; those who don’t often consider their coworkers to be some of their closest friends. This familial environment has been one of the main factors in attracting incredible talent which includes Angella Derington and Lyndsey Bauers.

Angella, a staff engineer on our mobile team, developed close relationships with some Dropboxers even before joining the team. She and her family decided to relocate from St. Louis to Seattle. As she considered employment options, she began chatting with Dropboxers via a Seattle-specific open engineering Slack channel. As they helped her choose the right neighborhood for her family, they also convinced her to apply to Dropbox.

“I was relocating my family across the country, so having that personal touch was really crucial and meant a lot. The whole interview and offer stage was just incredible; there was a big difference between Dropbox and the other companies where I interviewed. It felt like Dropbox was interviewing me and selling me on the offer as a whole person instead of just being focused on my engineering skills. When I started, everyone helped me come up to speed and understand the team’s needs at work, but also just supported me through what they knew was a very big move for our family.”

Lyndsey, a product manager on our business platform team, was also drawn to the culture in the Seattle office. One of the first things she noticed when she had her on-site interview two years ago was the calm and focused yet friendly energy that filled the office.

“We’re a very tight-knit group, even though we’ve grown so much. It’s definitely a first-name basis office, and it’s really cool to be able to get in line for lunch every day and learn about someone who has a new puppy or a cool project they’re working on. And you get to invest in relationships too — this isn’t just a place you come to work. It’s a place where you get to jump on really cool problems, and the people you get to work with are really rad. And since so many of them have families, everyone here is very thoughtful in making sure families are put first.”

As a mom, Angella has also found this thoughtfulness so important to her family. She’s able to bring her kids to work when she needs to, and is often able to have her entire family involved in company events.

“We do a lot of family-oriented activities, like summer picnics and Halloween parties. I know that my kids feel completely welcome in this office. They can come in and feel like it’s a second home. Especially before we grew so rapidly, it was not unusual to see grade-school aged kids hanging out in the office all day when they had a day off from school, and it still happens.”

We try to provide our team members with the workplace flexibility to maintain all of their relationships. But it’s not just the in-office relationships that count. Our Seattle teams build relationships across offices as well. While this can sometimes be a challenge, Lyndsey feels she’s been able to figure out the best methods to do so, with encouragement from her managers.

“There are so few moments that I think, ‘I work in a remote office.’ It’s more like I work in an office in Seattle and I go to San Francisco sometimes. The support and the investment that I have from management in my career and my growth, and setting me up for opportunities to grow in the ways I’m asking to, is pretty insane. You’re never met with levels and red tape; if there’s a place you want to grow in, they’re really good at understanding how to empower you with opportunities.”

Want to learn more about the opportunities you could have to learn and grow in a truly friendly workplace like our Seattle office? Check out our jobs page.


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