Rediscovering Wonder

Remember when you used to take things apart just to see how they worked? Was your dress-up outfit not complete without a pair of pearls? Our Dropbox employees had some crazy ideas as to what constituted play time when they were kids, too. They could entertain themselves for hours with the simplest tasks. It only takes a little bit of wonder.

Our childhood quirks are what make us who we are today: curious, creative, unique. At Dropbox, we celebrate people’s differences. We asked our employees to share some of the weird things they did as a kid. Take a look below to see our employees’ childhood quirks. Do you see their personalities in their childhood activities?

We strive to create a workplace that taps into each employee’s inner child. We don’t think creativity is limited to a job in the arts. It can be harnessed in any career to spur fulfillment, passion, and purpose. And we’re always looking for talented people who haven’t lost their childhood wonder.

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