Working hands-on: Dogfooding to create with Jisha Jacob

Dec 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Building a great user experience requires great minds. We’ve spoken to eight Dropboxers who are working to make the world work better. By sharing what these leaders are up to in their daily routines, we hope to highlight the values that grow our culture.

Jisha Jacob is a product manager out of the New York office. She works on the Dropbox Previews product, which allows users to view files without native software.

Her path to Dropbox wasn’t a straightforward one. A year after graduating college, Jisha co-founded a company through the General Electric & OMD Incubator. It didn’t survive, but it left her with some lingering impressions, especially that everyone is a work in progress.

“For the first time, I had a strong personal stake in something I was doing professionally. What I realized through that experience was when things get stressful, focus on what you want to learn and take care of yourself and others. Being humble and human is ultimately more important than hitting the mark every time.”

Transitioning to life at Dropbox, Jisha had to acclimate to a different workplace culture than she was used to — but the adjustment was easier than she expected.

“Being on the outside, I was definitely a skeptic about working outside of headquarters. But Dropbox has access to an incredible knowledge repository built on Paper, one of our own products. This commitment to “dogfooding” — using your own products — blew me away. Not only did it become so much easier to ramp up on my product area, but I was also immediately able to think about our own product from the perspective of our users.”

Jisha’s do-it-yourself attitude toward the products she develops translates to how she interacts within the corporate culture as well. She believes that individuals can create better teams, and that communication encourages individualism.

“It’s important for the work that the relationships feel human [in a workplace]. Dropboxers are eager to give feedback, but are also incredibly thoughtful in how they deliver it. I believe the world can work better if we don’t just communicate, but communicate effectively and inclusively to drive positive outcomes. We need to reduce the time and friction for anyone to have an idea, understand the impact it might have, and then bring it to life.”

We’re looking for more people like Jisha to join the Dropbox team. To learn about some open opportunities, check us out. Stay tuned for more interviews with digital leaders.


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