Digest #55: Weekly Dropshipping News 10/26

Latest industry news and trends curated by Dropwow

The Ultimate Guide to Shipping During a Seasonal Rush
This guide has everything you need to create an excellent shipping experience during a rush, including specific ways Shopify Shipping can help you ship more orders to more places, quickly and efficiently (11 min read) Read now

Chatbots: Customer Service, Business Automation & Scalability
Chatbots are the newest ecommerce trend. Everyone is talking about them and every business wants to figure out how to use one (16 min read) Read now

Latest 2018 Content Marketing Statistics
73% Say They’ve Made Purchases as a Result of Viewing Marketing Content, Survey Says. Intriguing? (2 min read) Read now

Dial In Your Facebook Dynamic Ads for the Holidays
Dynamic product ads are critical to having a successful Facebook marketing holiday season (13 min read) Read now

Instagram Video Marketing: Everything You Need to Know
When Instagram rolled out, it was all about the pictures. Now, it’s more accurate to say that it’s all about the visual. Pictures, of course, are still a staple part of the platform, but video is holding its own, too (10 min read) Read now

[VIDEO] Facebook Blueprint Educational Video Series
Global education program that empowers agencies, advertisers and businesses of any size to reach their business goals with Facebook’s family of apps (5 min read) Read now

BFCM 2018: How Not to Miss 50–80% of Annual Turnover

Are you ready for Cyber Week? Impelement these ready marketing ideas and dropshipping tools to succeed during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018.

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