Dropwow Virtual Inventory Program

What it is and how it addresses the major “pains” of dropshipping stores

Dropwow announced a Virtual Inventory Program that addresses the major “pains” of Shopify store owners.

Benefits of Dropwow Virtual Inventory Program

1 - Fast shipping (5–14 days)

Not everyone cooperates with Chinese suppliers as some consumers are not ready to wait for about 12–20 days. More than that as you know during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas period delivery time often increases.

ePacket is one of the most popular shipping methods as it costs about $2. It’s a good balance between cost and time but not ideal in terms of delivery time.

A great advantage of Chinese merchants (unlike local suppliers) is a price. So, if you wish to get both favorable prices and fast shipping, think about joining the Program.

2 - 100$ auto order fulfillment

In most cases (depending on the product source you use) you have to go to the product source you use and place an order each time consumers buy from you. Or, you need to use an extension for this very purpose. Another alternative is hiring a virtual assistant who you should find, consult, control and pay. In any case, it’s either time-consuming or cost-based.

Let’s move to the next point and learn how this solution-oriented Dropwow Virtual Inventory Program works.

Learn how it works