Drover launched its new platform this January as an Uber preferred partner in London, revolutionizing the PCO rental market by bringing the car sharing model to the minicab industry: Drover allows Uber and minicab drivers to flexibly book a PCO car by the hour as and when they want to drive, without having to own, lease or rent a car. Drivers pay just £4/hour plus a £2/hour insurance fee to insure drivers comprehensively with every booking.

With Drover, drivers enjoy full flexibility and only pay when they drive, not when their car is standing unused in their parking lot. There is no minimum commitment or long rental periods, drivers can book as many or as few hours every month as they want.

The best bit, Drover has dozens Dozens of Uber-ready cars available in most London neighbourhoods, so there is always a car close by.

As a two-sided marketplace, Drover also allows owners of PCO cars to list their cars on the Drover platform and make extra cash by renting out their car, when they are not using them. Drover takes 25% commission, the rest goes straight to owners. A 10h booking returns £30 to car owners after Drover’s commission, fuel and even maintenance and running costs priced in. So with just 10x extra bookings each month, vehicle owners can make £300 and more in extra income every month by renting their car out to other drivers!

Drover takes out all the risk and hassle out of the process, providing a unique comprehensive insurance scheme and 3h replacement car service in case of any accidents, so owner’s are fully protected.

Drover opened its first Club House this month on 422 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA, where drivers and vehicle owners can ask questions and sign-up. Once registered with Drover, members are welcome to use all Club House facilities such as the lounge area, enjoy free coffee and newspapers, or just use the restrooms.

To sign-up, interested drivers and vehicle owners can go and visit to find more information or just call 0800 0988 788 (toll free) to speak to a member of the Drover team.

For a limited time only, vehicle owners get a £50 joining bonus for listing their car, when entering code SEBA329 when they sign-up online. There is no commitment or strings attached, listings can be removed at any time.

Drivers get their first booking 50% off, can get on the road in hours and start making money.

Drover plans to expand from London to the rest of the UK over the course of the year, with Manchster and Birmingham being firm on the road map for expansion. Drover’s mission is to build the most flexible, convenient and economical vehicle solution to in the market, by spreading the cost of car ownership over multiple drivers — soon operating nationwide. — Tel: 0800 0988 788 (toll free)

Drover Ltd — 422 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA

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