Introducing Unique Non-Fungible Cows (CaashCow NFTs)

Before we go any further, lets first explain what is . It is a utility token that belongs to Ecosystem. is a decentralized application ecosystem to empower cybernauts which is powered by a dual-token system which includes (10m supply) and (1 billion supply).

The Evolution of COW

Since launch, COW has only been used as a staking rewards token for Caash Ecosystem. Caash team has decided to add extra utility to COW beginning with CaashCow NFTs which are yet to be released in the coming few weeks. Caash team has partnered with team for the unveiling of their coming unique COW NFTs. The team is fielding high level artists for the designs. Caash team has consistently worked hard to deliver edge cutting products and utility that has been life changing since they launched in early September, 2021. These NFTs are definitely not going to be your usual average NFTs. The mint date and price is to be announced soon. In addition to NFTs, the team will be introducing COW Mini Games but that will be a discussion for next time.

On top of trading these NFTs for profit, holders of CaashCow NFTs will be able to stake them for COW token rewards which will be distributed to their wallets. This is going to avail a life changing opportunity to many investors to generate passive income thus positively impacting people’s lives financially. COW rewards gained can then be used inside Caash Play (coming soon)to win more.

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