After the Jump Line

Volume 1, Issue 1

My goal here is to create an aggregation of news and stories, based upon fact, that do not necessarily grab the headlines, but remain worthy of the public’s attention. These articles will pertain to the Forty-Fifth President, Congress, and the United States of America. I intend to utilize sources long known for their integrity and adherence to the principles of journalism. This is not to say that these sources don’t make mistakes or print corrections, but, they do employ the editorial and fact-checking methods our society used to rely on without question.

So, what are facts? As an attorney, I rely on facts and will utilize the following definition from a Gilbert’s Pocket Size Law Dictionary (© 1997):

“Something that took place; an act; something actual and real; an incident that occurred; an event; a thing done; something that exists and is real as opposed to opinion or supposition; events which are proven in the evidence heard by a court and upon which the law operates.”

I believe in the press as the Fourth Estate. Journalists serve an important function in our government and society by offering an additional check on the other branches of government. Please do your part and subscribe to a newspaper. Emphasize our American values by supporting facts and the people who investigate them.

Without further ado:

The Illusion that Trump Separated Himself from His Businesses

Trump and Cabinet Question Legitimacy of Federal Judge

Nominee for Secretary of Army Withdraws Name Due to Conflicts

A Week After Presidential Memo Instructs Army Engineers to Expedite Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline, Secretary of Army Orders Permit to Be Issued

Bureau of Indian Affairs Agents Ordered to Clear DAPL Protesters

More to come . . .

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