CNA National News Sept. 23

High-Tech Chicago Police Force?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a three step plan ( enforcement, investment and prevention) to help reduce the high crime rate. Some methods include body cameras for each member of the police force, gun-shot tracing cameras as well as tasers for each officer on the force. Emanuel also plans to fund programs in the cities that will help raise young boys in girls in high crime areas.

Chaos in the Queen City

In midst of the latest chaos in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sept. 20 the city is now under a curfew from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. Friday, Sept 23. Even though the curfew is now in affect, protesters are still awake in the city. It has been reported that two officers are being treated for a chemical spray agent to the face.

Seventy-Two Years Later, A War Vet Receives His Purple Heart

An Indiana WWII vet received a Purple Heart on Sept. 21. It was near the end of the war when Junior Howell survived a high life threatening situation. Even though Howell is proud that he received the Purple Heart, he has been happy to have been out of the Marines since he left.