Self Reflection on News Project

First off, I definitely found this project to be pretty fun. It was enjoyable to write about something not very many people know about and bring light to it. It wasn’t really a challenge for me because of that, however.

What I mean is I picked a topic that I know extremely well: too well. WGI has been in my life for over eight years now and I’ve known the interviewees for over three years. The combination of these two made out for a very easy assignment and that I blame myself for.

When it came to choosing for the assignment, I picked to do mine on Liberty University Indoor Drumline for the main goal of informing all the students at Liberty University about the group. I am only assuming, but I’m pretty sure that 98 percent of the student population has no idea it exists.

Knowing that as pretty much fact, it inspired me to do this multimedia project about that. Gathering the media was entertaining for me because I was able to go back and use photos I’ve taken as well as going back in time to when I was not in the organization.

The interview process was very simple, but because of the topic, I really didn’t need to ask as many questions as I did. The article was more of an informative article on LUID and WGI in general. It did help to have both a staff member and a four year veteran featured in the article, but because I only used about one or two quotes from them in the article, it wasn't incredibly additional to the story.

Ultimately, I feel like I could have chosen a better topic for myself. I didn’t really learn anything new and felt as if I was just doing the assignment to get it done. I know there is room for improvement, but overall I could have set myself up for more knowledgeable success.

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