iMessage — Thursday 1:19 AM

Hey, you up?


Did you hear about this crazy app?

Which one?

There’s an app that if you download it it lets the Devil know where you are.

Crazy, right?

That’s messed up. Does it work?

I don’t know lol.

Did you download it?

No. You do it.

No way. My phone has enough crazy shit already.

That’s why you should do it. You like that shit.

What’s it cost?

It’s free. You just have to download it.

Send it to me.


Who told you about this?

I just found it. I was on this site about death and hit a link. There were these creepy sick pictures and I just kept hitting all these links. There were tons of them and then there it was.

There’s some dark dark shit in this world.

What do I do with this?

I don’t know, you just download it.

Why didn’t you do it?

I got freaked. Those sites were fucking weird. I mean sick. Plus I don’t want the Devil to know where I am lol.

…Are you going to do it?

I just did.

I knew you would man. you’re crazy.

…What’s happening?

It’s downloading. It’s slow.

It just takes a while.

This better not crash my phone.

It won’t.

It’s done. What now?

Just wait.

For what?

It’s almost done.

Nothing’s happening.

There. It worked.


Look behind you.