A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

No wonder you have been playing Pokemon for 20 years with as many hours in later versions as in red/yellow — you’re still a kid. “The Real Pokemon Fans”? A) What makes you think there are “real” fans compared to “casual” or what is the other? B) What makes you think you speak for them? C) What makes you think Pokemon Go is aimed at “real” Pokemon fans?

You have missed the entire point of the post and the crux of the complaint MANY people have, simply because you are biased, prejudiced can’t and don’t want to see beyond your own horizon and have a selfish belief that your opinion matters more, because after all, you’re the on with a 690+ Pokedex. And because a master like that considers Pokevision or even the tracking as “cheating” and “wrong” and not in line with previous games, then it must be so. Woooo.

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