What looked like a Loss of Clients Was Only a Loss of Time

What looked like a Loss of Clients Was Only a Loss of Time

Everyone should learn sales for their business. When I got serious and really began to learn sales, I realized that there is not ONE way to close people. There are different ways to close people or sell your products and the techniques you use have to match who you are selling to. I am not so much focused on personalities as I am price structure.

What I mean by that is first I focus on the price structure. I had to be clear in my mind that my services are not low-priced leaders.
I needed to spend much more time qualifying clients before I even attempted to sell them what I had. After upgrading my qualifications, I realized I had been advertising to people who really did not have the cash flow to buy. No matter how much people would like to have your products and services, if they can not pay for it, the result is no sale.

The ability to pay is not purely based on how bad they want it. I know all the guru’s say if they want it bad enough, they will come up with the cash to pay you. However, how many of us are so skilled that creating a desire for our products and services that we can override that person’s desire to pay their bills and feed their kids? I know a few people that can do it, but the majority of business owners do not know how to do it. It has to be a purchase that makes sense. They have to have credit available on a card or have the cash on hand to buy. Period. That’s right, if you can not create a burning desire in the person and they have no money, they will not buy.

Once I started focusing on people who had the ability to pay, then advertising, sales and closing them made sense. I had to understand that I had been talking to the wrong people. I have no judgment. They are not bad people, just not the right people for my services. They were people who thought my services are nice and they would like to have them but could not afford them and did not care that much if they had them or not. Wrong tribe. That’s all I can say.

Luxury products and services never respond to people who are concerned about price. They keep doing what they do. They don’t go on sale very often. They know they don’t have to. They know going on sale is a detriment to their products and services because one of the reasons people buy them is because OTHERS can’t buy them. I decided I didn’t want to battle it out at the low price leader level. There will be MORE people who will say no, they don’t want to pay for it, because MOST PEOPLE do not buy luxury items. If a Walmart customer wanders into a Channel store, they are not likely to walk out with a purchase. No one in the Channel Store is upset about losing a sale. They did not lose a sale; they lost the time spent on a customer who could not and therefore would not buy.

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