Why It’s Instagram AND Snapchat

I am a bit forward thinking. While active on certain social media platforms, I am always looking for what is up and coming. A bit of study each month makes it easy to keep up. I like to look at the top 100 apps on iTunes a few times a month. I don’t go to the page every day, but it gives you an insight on what people are doing in the real world. The most popular apps are the things people are doing. For example, Pokemon is not even in the top 100 anymore, and some game called balls is. I have not tried it yet, but I will check it out. 
Here is where you will find the next big thing in social media.

Snapchat and Instagram are already there. I had been on them long before Snapchat got on the stock market. I played around with it while I watched youtube kids teach how to use it. At some point, I am sure I will enroll in a paid class with a kick-butt Snapchat expert, but I need to learn some basics for myself first. One of the things I found out that I want to pass on to my clients and YOU is this: It’s not one of the other, it’s both. Use both Snapchat and Instagram. Post, video, whatever you want to do, use both. Here’s why. 40% of people who use Snapchat regularly do not use Instagram. So, yeah, it’s an entirely different crowd.

I had a friend say she is just pushing her tribe to follow her on Snapchat. I told her it’s a hard drive. It’s a lot of work to drive people from one platform to another. It’s easy to just grow your platform on that platform. Make new friends, and eventually, you will find the old ones too. Besides pushing gets maybe 1% of your tribe over to the new platform. So here is the answer, especially if you are in my tribe:
Do Both Snapchat and Instagram.

You can find me here http://www.wrightplacetv.com

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