I Won’t Be Friends With People Who Support My Abuser, And That’s Okay
Neil McNeil

I recently got out of a similar relationship as well. Except my ex did his best to make me out to be the abuser. A lack of physical abuse made pointing fingers all too easy for him, but the things I was put through says otherwise. I do see where I was at fault in the relationship (fights we had that I handle awfully or poor communication on my part), but it still cannot excuse his actions. All because I would stand up for myself. Something about reading this and being able to see and not just hear that I’m not the only one helps. Now as I look back I’m able to better see the warning signs. I’m now taking steps to make sure this doesn’t become a repeat experience and I’m glad you’re okay. I really needed to see this and didn’t even know it. Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much.

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