Spread Love it’s the DuDance Way — The True Power of Dance

Dance is more powerful than you can ever imagine; but not for the reasons you may think! Although dance reduces stress, is a great cardio workout, improves your flexibility, diminishes depression, is the only physical activity that reduces your chances of dementia, etc.; the true power of dance lies in it’s ability to spread love freely and easily. What really makes dance unique and so powerful is that it joins the mind, body and soul. But not only your own mind, body and soul, but that of your partner and those dancing around you. It connects us on a level that is hard to physically notice, but there guiding the conversation using the universal language of love, dance.

Dance is a way to release your inner child. The one that wants you to live in the moment. Explore the world. Express yourself. Love the people around you. Dance is a shortcut to all those things. With dance, you can feel like you’re in Argentina dancing the Tango one moment and in the Bronx breakdancing the next. You will feel more connected to the people around you. With dance, you can undoubtedly say that you are living in the moment and loving life!

Love and dance are very closely linked. They both originate from within your soul and both connect people to each other in unique ways. There are very few comparable feelings to liberating yourself through dance, but love is definitely one of them. These two feelings allow you to be more in tune with the world. It is very simple to spread love through dance, because the result when you dance is always full of love.

Dance propels you to listen and communicate simultaneously. With the music, yourself and your surroundings. You are in tune with the world and yourself. Dance allows you to lose yourself and find yourself all at the same time. It is the unique feeling that dance gives you that makes it so useful in spreading love. This feeling can join our society together. It is a powerful tool that we have at our disposable and are able to put to good use right away! Showing as many people as possible how dance can spread love would benefit our society in a number of ways. From increased acceptance to more personal connections, love and dance heals us. Let’s show the world how dance can make us fall in love with society once again.

To show the world the true power of dance, DuDance is building a community of individuals who are interested in dance. Through educational blogs and curated events, DuDance will connect people on a more intimate level. By exposing people to different aspects of dance, we would be able to show the world the true power of dance. Dance can heal. It can connect. Dancing can lighten up your day, your week, your month, and most certainly your life. So go out and dance with the world. Release your inner child and “Spread Love, it’s the DuDance Way!”