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May 7 at 7:07am ·

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The Metropolitan Opera

April 30 at 9:30am ·

Ever wonder what it’s like to stand on the Met Opera stage? Check out this 360° photo for a close up look at the set of Der Rosenkavalier and the view from the proscenium. 
Der Rosenkavalier is on stage through May 13 starring Renée Fleming, Elina Garanca, and Erin Morley.

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April 18, 2017
Audi R8. Super car. $165K. Audi is a subsidiary of Volkswagen. So is Porsche. So this is a refined cousin of the Porsche Turbo Carrera
Audi RS10. Super car. $165K.
Audi A6: The metal of the pedal. Clean
Audi A6: Triptronic Automatic|stickshifter. I love this feature on my own Audi. This must be even more refined for 2018 models
Audi A6: Interior lighting and sunroof controls. Also the controls for the boot(trunk) has been placed overhead. Smart
Audi A6: Superb visibility behind the wheel
Audi A6: Retractable Navigation Screen
Audi A6: B&O Door Panel Speakers. nice!
Audi A6 : B&O Dashboard Speakers
Audi A6
Audi A6
Audi A6
Audi A6
Audi A6
Audi A6
Audi A6
Audi A6
Audi S5 Sports Fastback. Starting at a reasonable $54,000
Audi S5 Fastback sport. More aesthetic lines than other Audis. Reminds me of the A6 2006,2007,2008. Unfortunately, in 2009 the became a bit boxier .
Audi S5
Mercedes Maybach. Rival to to Volkswagen’s BENTLY
MB. Maybach. Such splendor. Worth half a million…if you are an afficioado. Otherwise ……!!!
Gorgeous piece of art. Not to be driven on the rugged streets of New York.
Mercedes Maybach Michelin (3M)
MB. AMG. A fierce Super competitor.
MB. AMG. A fierce Super competitor.
A bit fragile . And yet, better than walking
Aston Martin, my only preference to an Audi.


Caroline and Leslie

The discrete charm of the Norman French countryside

Douglas Crosdale

January 8, 2013 ·

Yesterday at Pompidou. Nature is emotional reality. Art is intellectual fantasy . The trees are artificial, anyway. So why would they have to be green? So we bend the natural world to suit our tastes. H’mm!

The Louvre. Galleries are closed on Tuesday.

Pompidou Centre, Paris.

In 1934,Dali produced a gouache on paper entitled “Mae West’s Face Which May Be Used as a Surrealist Apartment”. He used the features of the famous 1920’s American actress to create items of furniture: her hair was depicted by curtains, her eyes were transformed views of Paris, a fireplace conjured up her nose and a sofa adopted the shape of her lips. In 1936, I have been told, Dali went on to create the now iconic sofa emulating the actress’ lips.
“William Tell”. Dalí used the Freudian prism of the Oedipus complex to offer a new slant on the legend of the Swiss hero, forced by the Austrian oppressor to fire a crossbow at an apple poised on his son’s head. This enabled Dalí to externalise his own relationship with his father. In this painting one sees a son and father pointing to each other, a gesture that harks back to Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” in The Sistine Chapel. The father is the dominant figure. He is holding a pair of scissors, symbolising castration, and the son’s genitalia is missing, having been laid in a bird’s nest at the bottom of the picture. This work remained in Andre Breton’s collection for many years.
“The Temptation of St. Anthony”. Dalí took the iconographical tradition of this legend as his starting point and portrayed the hermit’s visions. Temptation appears to St. Anthony in the form of a rearing horse (to Dalí the horse epitomisd unbridled, terrifying female sexuality), while an elephant advances, carrying on his back the golden chalice of lust, in which a nude woman seems to be in the throes of desire, followed by a second, inspired by Bernini’s elephant obelisk, which stands in front of the Sopra Minerva Church in Rome. Despite the presence of Palladian architecture and phallic symbols, the evanescent outline of the Escorial, the symbol o ftemporal and spiritual order, is recognisable in the background. This work marks the premise of Dalí’s research into levitating objects.
Dali: “Portrait of Picasso”
Family and Relatives. Christmas Eve, 2012. Rouen, France.
Kensington Palace
Tate (Britain) Gallery, London.
Westminster Abbey, London. 12/20/2012
Horse Guards
Buckingham Palace
Vicarage Gate
“The Churchill” Pub. Kensington. London.
“Mimi” by Douglas Crosdale
It was
later reported
that his wife got out safely, and that
he did indeed
par the hole .
He says the divorce
isn’t going to be that bad, now
that there’s no house

The Leaf — A short story by D.S.D. Crosdale (Chapters 1,2 and,3)
I just put my finger on what it is about Tom Hanks that I find Off-putting. He is perfectly homogenized.


  1. This is the sun. As far back as 10,000 B.C., history is abundant with carvings and writings reflecting people’s respect and adoration for this object. Numerous artifacts prove these points, such as from the sun-worshipping cultures of the Egyptians, Indians, Babylonians and Greeks, among many others, including the peoples of the Levant and ancient Israel. Concerning the antiquity of sun worship, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Madanjeet Singh relates: The tool-making hominids, as anthropologists call them, emerged about one-and-a-half million years ago. But the sun‘s identification with the animals they hunted became evident much later as in the striking circular engravings representing the sun, discovered in the Central Asian regions (thirteenth millennium BC) in Siberia and western Turkistan. They seem to have eventually influenced the earliest artifacts made in Iran and Mesopotamia… Apart from the animals depicted in the Lascaux caves in France, at Altamira in Spain, at Adduara in Sicily (15,000 to 10,000 BC), and at the prehistoric Tassili N‘Ajjer in the Sahara region (7000 to 4000 BC), are also strange human figures such as the dancing man with horns on his head and a stallion tail, as in the cave paintings at Trois Frères in Ariège. These are comparable to similar figures seen on the thirdmillennium-BC Mohenjo-daro seals found in the Indus Valley — symbols that are identified with the sun….1 Describing this ubiquitous of sun worship, professor of Archaeology at Cardiff University Dr. Miranda J. Aldhouse-Green remarks: The evidence for the sun cult manifests itself in Europe from as long ago as the fourth millennium BC, when Neolithic farmers recognized the divine power of the solar disc…

MEXICO’s AIRFORCE ONE leads the pack at #1 — Boeing 787–8 Dreamliner — Mexico — $600 million

If you’re a Mexican native, you may not be best pleased at President Enrique Pena Nieto splashing out on the world’s most expensive plane. If you’re an aviation enthusiast, it is simply a thing of beauty.

Easily outstripping the world-famous Air Force One for cost and performance, the Dreamliner can hold250 passengers and fly 10,000 miles straight without refueling. This means it can soar through the skies at 1,000mph and make the trip from Los Angeles to Tokyo without stopping. If the $600 million price tag wasn’t enough, the plane will cost a further $100,000 per year in maintenance — and that’s before it’s even taken off!

Naturally, the people of Mexico have met the arrival of the Dreamliner with plenty of exacerbation and even started a petition to halt its arrival. Regardless of the messy economic situation regarding the Dreamliner, there’s no denying it’s a truly beautiful specimen.

Around 2bn people eat insects already, but few of them are Westerners. Changing that could be a hard sell
It’s 3-man chess!
Ex Soviet Leader Gorbachev Issues Another WW3 Warning, Blames “West”
Many believe further escalation could very well lead to World War III, which would undoubtedly be a nuclear war

The movie “Lucy” presented an interesting hypothesis:
For primitive organisms (like humans) the single purpose of Life is a matter of gaining time.
This purpose goes down to the level of the individual cell.
To achieve this, the organism has just two alternative solutions:
(a) be immortal
(b) reproduce.

If the habitat is inhospitable solution (a) is chosen.
The result is self-sufficiency and self management.

If the habitat is nurturing solution (b) is chosen.
In this case information is handed down through generations.
Genetic storage is used to hand down knowledge and learning through time.

What makes an organism uniquely human are actually obstacles to “understanding”. For instance, fear, pain, etc.

BUILDING A BMW: Why animate “laborers” are at risk. How can they compete with their own tools? They will have to find some other kind of daily activity. This video illustrates the current state of production in the civilized world. As a refresher of Economics 101: there are 4 factors that account for production. First there is the Entrepreneur. This is the visionary who gambled to initiate the process. Second there is land. This is the physical location such as factories, offices or farms, whatever. Third there is capital. This is the money that is used to make all this possible. Fourth there is labor(a). There is human labor (as distinct from the Entrepreneur). Then there is machine labor(b). Most economists put tools in the category of capital. I disagree. I think labor is animate as well as inanimate. This category also includes managers and supervisors as well as maintenance workers. All four factors of production are essential for production to take place.

Today, component four (labor-A) and component two (land) are dwindling in importance to the production process relative to the other components. With respect to land, many entrepreurs operate from their home offices with software automation over the internet. So, there is decreasing need for big bricks and mortar offices or retail store spaces. How can human labor compete with the tools of labor? How can land compete with the virtual world wide web? Just look at this video.

I found this Pick-Me-UP. Sinatra is so unsentimental, don’t you agree? Listen to this:


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