Hello Pretty Phase 2 — moving beyond the MVP
Scott Hadfield

I think it’s a bit of a chicken and an egg problem — you’ll never have a good mobile conversion rate if your mobile site is weak. The iPhone now has the ability to auto-fill the payment information in a checkout form, which makes buying on mobile very straightforward, since I don’t have to pull my wallet out anymore. One of the key additions we made to WPtouch Pro this year as the additional of a mobile-friendly store compont, and it’s been selling really well — more and more eCommerce companies realize they need to cater to mobile visitors. In the words of Wayne Gretzky, I don’t skate to where the puck is, I skate to where it’s going to be — and that puck is gonna be in mobile really soon. I personally buy lots of stuff on mobile, but only those sites that make it easy, like Amazon.