Seven Romantic Restaurants for Couples to Explore in Dubai

Dubai is a smoking romantic destination to explore with your bae; the luxurious facilities, locations and services make it a heavenly experience to fall for. This makes it worth planning a trip to Dubai with your partner, applying for a Dubai visa and pay the Dubai visa fees. Although, there is a whole range of options to explore during your trip but for couples here is a list of the top five restaurants to spend some quality time –

At.mosphere — Hotel At.moshpere, being located on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa is an artistic culinary addition to the beauty of the world’s tallest building. With a height of 422 meters above the ground level, this lavish restaurant has a breathtaking view of the Arabic Gulf. The restaurant serves European cuisines with a specialty in truffled fries. The gulf view and air floating experience are enough to make any dinner date memorable.

Nathan Outlaw at the Al Mahara — Nathan Outlaw is a renowned name in the culinary domain. Being an awarded chef who brings years of experience to the table, he never fails to leave an unforgettable taste for your tongue. The hotel features a wall to ceiling marine view aquarium which leaves a romantic ambiance, perfect for spending some quality time with your partner.

The Bateaux Dubai — The Bateaux Dubai is a flawless restaurant in the shape of a Creek. This floating restaurant serves delicious food with a range of international and contemporary cousins. It is a fully air conditioned floating restaurant with glass walls and adequate lighting which makes it a choosable destination for intimate dinners in Dubai.

Armani Ristorante — The fourth show stealer is located at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the Armani Ristorante. It is a hotel known for its sophistication and mouth watering cousins and the private dining area adds a perfect touch to a romantic date with your beloved. The restaurant also serves a degustation menu of Italian dishes for food lovers to explore.

Palm Avenue — The palm avenue offers a chic and romantic ambiance and is the perfect destination for couples who would prefer a Mediterranean coast cousin. This restaurant is situated at the Crescent road, Dubai and has private dining options for couples with a marine view.

The Pierchic — The Pierchic is located at the Al Sufouh, Al Qasr at the Madinat Jumeirah and is the perfect spot for an over the water dining experience. The hotel serves quality sea food and the view casts a magical spell on the visitors. The romantic ambiance adds a sense of nostalgia creating the perfect atmosphere for an intimate dating experience.

STAY by Yannick Alleno — Being situated at the Crescent road, a date night at this elegant restaurant is not a bad idea at all. Owned by a famous chef Yannick Alleno, the restaurant serves European and French cushions, which are a delightful treat to enjoy. The décor has a chic look and is a perfect place to create great romantic memories with your bae.

If you and your partner have applied for a Dubai visa or got your visa for Dubai confirmed then it’s time to plan a trip, centering the above mentioned destinations for rejuvenating that love and passion in your relationship.