The focus is on dividing people

For one reason.

That’s their big trick.

That is the fundamental con.

The big illusion.

Creating differences where, in actuality, none exist.

Of course they need their citizenry to think those that study God and His Evident Laws (commonly referred to as Science) are lying to them. They cannot encourage their citizenry to seek out, and then believe, the facts.

Science proves (because as expected the Master’s work does reveal it’s Master’s hand) what we knew from God and our faith already. That we as a species are all one people. We must work together and love our neighbors. No exceptions and no excuses.

Picture a world where that idea really took hold and became as American as apple pie. How much it “costs” would never be a good enough reason to deny your neighbor food, shelter, or health care in that world. Their “explanations” would be meaningless.

They NEED division.

It is how they survive and stave off real formidable unified uprising from the citizenry.

Democrat Republican it is all the same. Our Corporate Overlords.

The old guard, the powers that be, the status quo. All these terms seek to describe what we all know and feel but are not supposed to name.

Politicians (by their very existence) convince citizens that we have a say.

A choice.

They offer distraction, smoke, a few mirrors, a scandal, a crude remark, and a slur thrown in to boot. Anything to get you passionate about the wrong things. Passionate about your so-called choice. While they remain faithful to their corporate backers regardless of who wins the election.

The occasional morsel they give (ACA) then immediately regret and seek to repeal.

(Appeasing the citizenry is always the thing that is too expensive).

And it has been working like gangbusters.

Until recently.

Hello have you seen our so-called President? The curtain has been ripped away. The smoke and mirrors and the tiny wizard full of empty promises has been revealed. The distractions and illusions laid bare. The banks and corporate big wigs own the cabinet (and our political system). We can literally see that now.

And The Resistance is real.

Resistance is survival now.

We are not arguing democrat or republican imprisoned in the illusion of false differences and false choices anymore.

People are taking off their illusions and researching facts (not memes) to back up their arguments. And thanks to the beauty of the information age it’s all at our fingertips. Usually no farther than a purse or a back pocket. Sound bites and repetition are not gonna work. We are all researchers now. We care about the footnotes, we want to know the source of the information.

Many of us turned off cable news long before the recent presidential election.

And there are more and more who join us and do the same each and every day. We are not listening to your ads and pundits. We prefer to research and read our news. We’re wary of our sources.

We listen to music and stay productive.

Because there is work to be done.


And Americans are getting to work.

Our citizenry is waking up and showing up.

We are not afraid to speak up and ask questions and we will not settle for the “explanations” we’ve been “provided”.

Americans are about to reach out to and take care of one another like never before in history. We have the technology.

A change is coming.

We all feel it. Some fear it.

But change is the way we were created.

Americans never even considered going gently into that good night. Passions are being redirected and sleeves are being rolled up.

Love is going to win. We get tired but we keep going. We lift each other up when we stumble, and we are stronger together.

Rejoice and reunite people! Praise the Lord because we are not dead yet!

Thank God that Americans woke up! And many are still waking! A new day is dawning.

Resistance is in our blood.

Resistance is our legacy and our obligation as patriots of this Great Nation.

We will not shrink from the fight.

We will persist.

Dear brothers and sisters. Love to you all. Stand fast. Continue your good works. Remain vigilant. We must now unify every single time and every single place they seek to divide us. We must redirect when they seek to evade.

The Corporate Overlords will find us, the resistance, at every turn.

And we shall overcome.

Resist. Unify. One People. Under One God.

May we all choose the path of Love in a world designed to divide us.

Resist brothers and sisters. 👊🏾 Resist.

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