New Dad Spring 2016 Fashion Must-Haves

Full disclosure: I mainly just wanted to see how/if the whole “import” feature works. So, if you’re reading this…it works. Anyway, I put this bad boy up last year. I changed the dates but everything still applies. Dads are forever. That’s one of the benefits of being fashion forward.

Look. I can’t fix your appearance. If you’re anything like me you’re probably doing well to remember to shower after missing out on nearly five minutes of sleep last night because your pregnant wife got up to go the bathroom at 3 AM or your child decided not to be perfectly content sleeping through the night. I can’t make you a handsome father. Hell, I can’t even make you a father. But I can make sure you look fresh to death. Here are a few fatherly and fashionable must-haves for Spring 2016.

Custom Adidas Samba

Babies aren’t usually tall, so you want to build your image from the ground up. And nothing reminds your kid about who the #1 Dad is like a pair of these sick, timeless, boring Sambas with a custom “#1 Dad” label. And no, that’s not a hashtag. Though #1Dad would look awfully deep and intellectual on the Twitter machine. Pick these wheels up at the Adidas Custom Shop for a cool $85.00.

Gold Toe 3-Pack Eco FX Bamboo Quarter Athletic Socks

Would you rather protect your feet or protect the environment? With this stylish choice you don’t have to choose. That’s one less world-altering decision on your plate.

Head to your nearby Belk Department store and get your hands — I mean FEET!!! — on some of these bad boys. And be sure to go for the all-white coloring and the athletic cut. Now that fraternity brothers around the world have stolen our mid-calf signature style, it’s time for us dads to reinvent ourselves and prove that Fatherhood > Brotherhood.

Columbia Brewhaha II Shorts

These aren’t your daddy’s cargo shorts; they’re your baby’s daddy’s cargo shorts. These shorts offer a little bit of everything:

  • Pockets for dayz
  • A plastic loop thing to hold your child with
  • Velcro to entertain that kid

Additionally, they show just enough leg to make other moms in the neighborhood daydream but not enough to make dad-bros question your motives.

Like all good dad-wear, you can pick these shorts up at Belk.

Saddlebred Short Sleeve Plaid Easy Care Woven Shirt

The shirt you wear says a lot about you as a man. A polo-style shirt says, “I’m in college or I golf.” A long sleeve button up says, “I am a successful, high-profile businessman. If you cross me I may cross you back or I might find a way to steal from the needy and pad my own pockets.” This puppy says, “Yes, I know I am well-dressed but I’m also prepared for an impromptu camping trip. Who’s in?”

What kind of dad do you want to be? An immature polo shirt wearer? A greedy, abusive, overly-formal long-sleever in the Spring/Summer? Or, the Best Father Ever?


So head over to a nearby Belk and buy a few dozen of these.

Hi Tek Vintage Round Gold Metal Sunglasses

Sometimes being fashion-forward means taking a step backward. We’ve all seen the popularity of Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses. But regressing back into the golden era of shades will show you what’s next: perfectly round lenses.

Pick these suckers up from the (a trendy dad go-to) and channel your inner rockstar.

Timex IRONMAN Sleek 50-Lap

You may not have time to train for an Ironman Triathlon and you may not have the athletic commitment to swim more than a lap. But you do have time to wear a boss timepiece and you do have a commitment to fashion excellence. That’s why this wristwatch is perfect for your ensemble. The best part about this watch: It normally retails for $70.00. But right now you can get it for $69.95. Don’t believe me? Click here.

Act now to save 0.07142857% on this beaut.

Good luck out there fashionable fathers. Stay blessed, not stressed.

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