The Dropout Tag I Wear

*On a personal note, before reading this article take a deep breath and relax yourself. In this article, you will neither hear any neighbor’s aunties gossiping ills about you nor see your parents hesitations when you say something cause you are wearing a dropout tag that isn’t sugar coated. This is an article on the bright side of the moon about how I get the inspiration to ultimately drop out.

This moment in my life about a year ago I got the ultimate boredom to drop out of my class to do something of my own that I am really passionate about. Everyone in the class was doing the same thing, solving Irodov’s problems where the task itself would be a terror for every country’s layman and more importantly, till now I don’t find any usefulness of that things beside teaching to someone else. Some were busy with the war on organic chemistry — attacking, adding…

I was simply thinking why everyone in the class,so is the same with everyone in the country, doing the same topics again and again for decades. Why don’t I try something different, something unique instead of memorizing the facts inside the classroom.

Then a new page begins in my life… [background music]…

Trying the Superman pose so that I can speak up

Then instead of memorizing the facts to get high marks in exam, I started putting a fullstop in that line. I started reading the life histories of some founders and inventors of the formulae… Their life histories even tapped my passion for doing something unique, something of my own. New things started and new habits formed. I started sleeping during daytime and read articles, watched online tutorials at night, cause at night (12AM- 6AM) you can get 1GB 3G internet with high speed for just 49 rupees which costs 249 rupees for the same plan during daytime. This continues for months… which ultimately deteriorates my marks so I couldn’t impress the eyes of my teachers & parents anymore.

While reading some life histories of some dot com founders I came to heard of a foundation called Thiel Fellowship where I found young people doing unique things, founding new companies, inventing new gadgets… showing that Age is simply a number. By seeing that I felt pains of losing chances, I kept thinking why I should wait for someone to do things first.

And I also found out this article which I would love to share -
“Never let your schooling interfere your education.”
which motivated me so much that I even hung the quote on my room wall to start seeing things differently.

This all sums up to the ultimate decision to drop out to do something unique of my own pretty unknowing the future that lies ahead, I returned back to my native village.

*Pause here and relax yourself. You are just seeing the green world outside. You have to go depth before you drop out because things don’t turn out well sometimes. If you drop out you won’t hear the birds’ melodies in the spring, but annoying neighbor’s aunties gossiping about you. Things will turn out like you are being hitted by a brick in your forehead.

[ The Story of how I spend the year as a dropout will be on the next episode.]

I say again Don’t drop out. Only people with guts drop out.

Now after one year I’m coming back to the city and this time I’m here to show something unique(in my term) to my friends with my first startup - Dukaan.IO.

Its not because we are back by top rated venture capitalists, not because we are pool of top talented people in the field. But we are that kind of guy who are young and really passionate about to make the world a place that sucks less.

We may fail miserably fighting the giants, but I strongly feel that learning by doing things outside the classroom will be far greater than sitting inside the classroom. We may be called as the crazy ones but we hope that we will influence them one day.